Restore NYC’s mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors. I had the honor of becoming involved in this organization through volunteering for the 2013 and 2014 Annual Freedom Gala as the lead designer.

Final deliverables included: Digital invite, Event signage (Welcome, Donation, Podium, Silent auction display), Experiential displays (2), Sign-up sheets, Survey, Table tent cards, Social media graphics, Supporter loop slideshow, and CEO’s presentation deck.



Restore needed help with the creative direction for their annual gala, which is their biggest event of the year, where they gather supporters and donors to vision cast and share Restore's story and inspire those attending to act. Because the past galas have been smaller in size and more informal, they wanted to focus more on educating and clearly communicating the urgency of the issues at hand, as well as show that there is hope and ways for people to join their mission.

I chose the creative direction of bold and clean typography to represent Restore's resilient and hopeful personality. I also found photography that played with light and shadows to visualize the juxtaposition of empowerment and vulnerability.

In order to educate and inspire the audience on all the meaningful work that Restore was doing, it was important to create a space that invited people to learn more about Restore as well as find ways to get involved. After doing a walkthrough of the event space, we decided to create 2 separate spaces for each of these goals. The first space focused on getting a good sense of what Restore stood for such as their mission, services, safehouses, outreach program, impact stats on Restore, and general information and stats on sex trafficking. It was important to strike the right balance of providing enough information, but in a digestible and powerful manner, which is why I decided to bring in icons and use their existing content to design infographics. The second space had displays of varying ways one could get involved with sign-up sheets right below for immediate action. Lastly, the storytelling aspect came powerfully through the CEO's presentation. I created his presentation deck to have a simple yet powerful visual to accompany the inspirational stories of the resilient women Restore exists to serve.

Restore NYC

2013 & 2014

Communication Design,
Content Strategy,
Creative Direction,
UX Design


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