Project Entreprenuer is a venture competition for female entrepreneurs sponsored by Rent the Runway Foundation and UBS. Their mission is to ignite bold ideas by providing women access to the tools, training and networks needed to build high-growth, high-impact companies.

I was first hired as a consultant to design the slides for educational videos intended as a resource and guide for female entrepreneurs looking to hone their business idea and/or apply for the competition. Topics included: Entrepreneurship 101, Growth Strategy, Getting Off the Ground, and Funding. That quickly escalated to being their lead designer for all things Project Entrepreneur Summits across major cities and the culminating Project Entrepreneur Weekend Intensive held in NYC. 

Deliverables included: Educational video slides (4 topics), Signage (Podium, Directional, Retractable, Table), Social graphics, Web banners/ads, Informational printed cards, Save the date digital invite, Printed invites, E-mail/newsletter redesign, Pitch booth video screen graphics, Pitch booth wrap signage, Printed program/agenda, Credential badges, Pitch award, and Live Pitch slideshow deck.



Rent the Runway Foundation provided a basic styleguide, along with their Project Entrepreneur logo. I was tasked to create the various deliverables keeping their brand guidelines in mind, but also finding creative solutions to tasks at hand, and creating cohesion across the varying platforms. I had many stakeholders to keep in mind and collaboratively work with remotely: The staff at Rent the Runway Foundation, the staff at UBS, the videographer/animator, the printers, and Hadley Media (an experential marketing agency) they had hired for their events.

It was important to have a constant flow of communication among the stakeholders and keep a shared document of status/progress, which I helped create in a Google spreadsheet. Managing time was also essential in meeting deadlines and getting buy in and approval across Rent the Runway Foundation and UBS.

Much of what I did was also keeping the users in mind – in this case, the first PE class of 2016. As I was designing the cohort credentials and workshop table signs, I was asked to come up with shapes or icons to distinguish the 10 assigned cohort groups (since letters and numbers were already designated for workshop titles and room numbers). Because there were existing topic icons for the sessions, and geometric shapes tend to be arbitrary/don't communicate much, I proposed naming the cohorts with iconic NYC buildings/landmarks to reinforce the "NYC Weekend Intensive." Since the purpose of these cohort group names and customized credentials were to easily identify which group you were in, I thought it was also important to have a name (ie. Cohort Flatiron), which would also be accompanied by the visual photography to quickly distinguish one from the other. This idea was well received and approved across the stakeholders.

Rent the Runway Foundation,

2015 – 2016

Communication Design,
Content Strategy,
Creative Direction,
UX Design


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