Ephemeral Tattoos is an early-stage company, currently a part of Techstars NYC 2017 Winter cohort. Ephemeral Tattoos makes ink that are applied the same way as traditional tattoos, but has a shorter lifespan, giving people an authentic tattoo experience without the lifetime commitment.

As the Design Associate of Techstars, I helped the Ephemeral team rebrand themselves by creating a new logo for them as well as redesigning their website and creating a brand story.

Deliverables included: Logo/Identity, Color palette, Fonts/Typography, Brand story, Website design, Messaging/Content strategy for website.



We started off by having a brainstorm session on what Ephemeral as a brand meant by asking key questions and going through Kapferer's Brand Identity Prism. With the insights from this session, we landed on a few key words and brand personalities that helped in creating a mood board and brand story. Shortly after, I explored typography and color, along with a new logo design, and simultaneously redesigned their website using these new assets. 

It was really important to tell a story on their website, so that people could understand what Ephemeral Tattoos was and what the various use cases were. Through user research, we knew that our target audience was millenials, predominantly women, so it was important to craft a story that would resonate with them: "You are always changing. Your tattoos should too."

Ephemeral Tattoos


Communication Design,
Content Strategy,
Creative Direction,
Website Design,
Information Architecture,
UX/UI Design